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OHIO Gold Prospecting

Posted by Sea Hunter 
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OHIO Gold Prospecting
February 12, 2011 12:18PM
Ohio Gold Prospecting
by Walt B. Cook 2009 and submitted by Streeter
Hello from a fellow Gold Prospector in the states. In Ohio and some other Midwest states, gold is found in a different way then in most places. The gold in Ohio is not natural to the state. You will not find the gold in veins in this part of the country. Our gold is the secondary type called Placer gold. Placer is a Spanish word meaning alluvial sand. It is a loose gold being mostly found in small flakes and dust. Sometimes a rare nugget and picker size piece of gold can be found. In 1999 a lucky Buckeye found a ten pound piece of quartz with lots of nice gold running through it. He found it with a metal detector in a field next to one of the local gold prospecting spots.
The gold in Ohio was washed down from the natural deposits in Canada by the Glaciers. It is usually found in parts of Ohio where large glacial gravel deposits were created by melt water. These deposits are usually called a glacier knoll or kame. The gold producing areas of Canada line up with the paths the glaciers took. Gold is found in about two-thirds of Ohio. I've personally found it in most areas where glacial gravel can be found.
It's pretty easy in Ohio to know where to find the gold. You can request a free glacial map from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources or go to their web site and print it. It shows you where the glaciers stopped in Ohio. This is where you usually will find the most concentration of gold. Also many parks in Ohio are easily named for the gold hunter. Just in my area there are Glacier Ridge and Glacier Knoll parks.
Once you locate a good looking area, find the nearest creek, stream, or river. A nice sized bank is the best to find what you are looking for. Here is the secret way to find the gold in Ohio. In places where the glacier gravel can be found, you will find it about three feet down. There will be a seam of highly compacted gravel. The seam is usually around six inches to a foot wide. It looks like creek gravel, but it is really glacier gravel. It will be hard as concrete. I use a heavy pick Axe to bust it out. In some areas of Ohio, there will be another layer about one to three more feet down. It depends if this area had lots of glacier activity. Dig out the glacier gravel and run that though your high banker, sluice box, or gold pan.
A high banker is my favorite way to run lots of material. It will take lots of work to get a decent amount of Ohio gold. It is very fine and almost like dust in some places. Hey, Gold is Gold. Small pieces can make up a lot. I like to melt down the small stuff to make ingots. Also remember to check behind any large rocks in the area as some of the gravel may have been washed out over the years. You would look in the normal areas like behind big rocks, in crevices, etc. Just like you look for gold in other areas.
I've found other things while panning for gold in Ohio. You will see lots of garnets, flint, quartz, natural iron, and diamonds. Yes, I said diamonds. Small and sometimes good sized diamonds can be found in Ohio and Indiana. Indiana is a better place for diamonds. I'll save that story for another day. Keep on eye out on the banks when you are panning. I've come across many American Indian arrowheads this way.
In places where glaciers have been can pretty much produce gold. One time I was testing some gold equipment and was taking dirt out of my parent's plowed field. Next thing I know is that gold started showing up in my high banker. Crazy. I did some research and found there was a gold mine in the mid 1800's in the same area. There were a few gold mines in Ohio. They were placer for the most part. A couple in Southern Ohio actually dug out mines into large glacier gravel deposits, but didn't find anything of record.
The Gold Prospectors Association of America holds several gold claims in Ohio open to members. Something worth checking out. You get a guide showing you locations of gold producing sites.
Take care my fellow treasure hunters, and may you always find gold in the bottom of your pan.
References: Ohio GEOFACTS No.9. Ohio Geological Survey.
References: Author's personal experience.
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Re: OHIO Gold Prospecting
March 19, 2013 12:56PM
Can you post pics videos. I live in cincinnati and would like to
Know were are some good places.
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