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Anyone in CT hunt.....

Posted by lafatlife 
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Anyone in CT hunt.....
June 11, 2009 09:39AM
any of the state parks along the ct river? There are few that are woods now but look like they would be a good place to detect. I just don't know if you can or not.
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Against the law to metal detect State parks in New England
June 11, 2009 10:57AM
IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO METAL DETECT IN ALL STATE PARKS in NEW ENGLAND. However not all Park employees know this. My suggestion is to ask permission & if you gain permission to get the name of the person granting you permission. This way if someone should question you, you'll have the right answers.

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Re: Anyone in CT hunt.....
June 11, 2009 12:38PM
In NH you can detect in State Parks. Yoy have to send an Email to the park manager. They usually will grant permission. However, they will restrict you to sandy areas. Basically a beach.


Bob K
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I believe it is legal at specified location in NH Parks
June 11, 2009 12:39PM
There are two NH laws that apply to metal detecting, one is Chapter 227 of the State Codes and the other is RES 7300 of the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) which is the state agency that runs NH State Parks



I. Notwithstanding any provision of this subdivision to the contrary, any person who, prior to the effective date of this subdivision, has acquired historic resources from state lands or waters, which include items commonly known as antiques, may continue to possess or market such items as antiques.
II. Treasure hunting with metal detectors and dowsing rods is exempted from the restrictions of this subdivision on the following lands owned or controlled by the state, its agencies, departments, commissions, and institutions, unless an historic resource on such land has been recorded and restrictions are posted:
(a) Beaches;
(b) Athletic fields;
(c) School grounds;
(d) Perimeters of cemeteries;
(e) Unpaved roads;
(f) Within 25 feet of picnic tables and park pavilions; and
(g) Currently used dumps.
III. No power is conferred by this subdivision upon any official, commission, or other agency of state or local government to close any body of water or portion thereof, or access thereto, on a temporary or permanent basis, to recreational diving, recreational or commercial fishing, scallop dragging, recreational or commercial boating, or lobstering.


Statutory Authority: RSA 12-A:2-c


Res 7301.19 Metal Detectors.

(a) Metal detectors shall be permitted along the shoreline of state park beaches and at athletic fields, playgrounds, and 25 feet from picnic tables and pavilions, unless otherwise posted.

(b) No person shall use metal detectors at state historic sites, including Odiorne Point state park.

(c) Money or items found whose value is in excess of $5.00 shall be reported to the park manager or regional supervisor.

It is also allowed at some State Parks in Massachusetts with the prior consent of the park director. The Parks in question are mainly parks with beaches in them. For example I have permission of Mike Gigante (sure that is spelled wrong) who is the director of Salisbury State Beach Park in Mass to detect within the park boundaries there on the beaches but not in the dunes.

The actual regulation is Mass 304 CMR 12 Forests and Parks, Section 12:11 paragraph 3

3) No person shall use or offer for use metal detectors on Department property except at the
discretion of the Area Supervisor on designated swimming beaches and designated campsites.

I'm not sure what the rules are in other New England States but most states have the laws and regulations online and they are pretty easy to search using the phrase "metal detectors"
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Re: Anyone in CT hunt.....
June 11, 2009 01:48PM
Hey Steve, You got the info!! very nice

Dig colonial or Go home
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You are taking a risk when metal detecting in state parks.
June 11, 2009 02:44PM
Here say information is not acceptable. You are taking a risk when metal detecting in state parks. The book of metal detecting laws for the USA says metal detecting not allowed in state parks in New England. If you get caught where you shouldn't be with a metal detector, you had better have a copy of a law giving you permission to hunt their or you could lose your detector, anything they think you may have found & be fined.

The Army Corp of Engineers state metal detecting is allowed in designated areas only".
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I believe is not good enough & I believe, can't keep you out of trouble.
June 11, 2009 02:52PM
I've been in the hobby for over 35 years and I learned early, not to get caught detecting in state parks.
Do create problems and do not get caught where you shouldn't be with a metal detector. Their are state laws and regulations that governs metal detecting and neither gives anyone the right to detect anywhere they want.
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Re: Anyone in CT hunt.....
June 11, 2009 03:04PM
This is why I ask.....




POLICY/PROCEDURE #312 October 31, 2002




The use of metal detection devices is permitted on land under the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Protection under the following conditions:

1. The activity shall be limited to surface collection except at beach areas where digging is permitted in sand areas devoid of vegetation. However no collecting or digging will be allowed in areas of sand dunes adjoining the beach area proper. Digging must be done by hand with all motorized devices prohibited. All holes dug must be refilled immediately before the collector leaves the site.

2. The use of metal detection devices will only be permitted when the beach is not being used by the public for other purposes.

3. Persons using a metal detector are required to use a trash apron to store all materials found. The collector may retain articles found, except items of a personal nature such as jewelry and watches, which must be turned into the manager in charge. Any material the collector does not wish to retain shall be placed in a waste receptacle.

4. No specific permit is required at this time.

5. Staff may close any area to this activity for purposes of maintaining visitor safety and/or preserving significant artifactual remains.

The use of metal detectors is prohibited at the following state park areas:

Continental Army Hospital Memorial - West Hartford

· Dinosaur - Rocky Hill

· Ft. Griswold Battlefield - Groton

· Ft. Trumbull – New London

· Gay City – Hebron

· Gillette Castle – East Haddam (prohibition includes all of the park property adjacent to the CT River.)

· Industrial Monument – North Canaan

· Macedonia Brook – Kent

· Mashamoquet Brook – Pomfret

· Putnam Memorial - Redding

Pamela Aey Adams, Director

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but going by the published laws and rules can keep you out of trouble
June 11, 2009 03:47PM
The laws are clearly published and I will go by the information published by the State of New Hampshire over anything published in a book written by someone is not authorized by the state government to speak on its behalf. So this isn't hearsay - it is taken directly from the laws as published by the state of New Hampshire itself. Doesn't seem to me like anyone can be more authoritative about the state laws than the state itself.

Now it is a good idea to confirm with the park manager before one goes detecting there just to avoid trouble as it might be costly to defend yourself against false charges that don't conform to the state laws but we are a nation (and state) of laws and so along as you conform to the laws that the state has published you are ok.

I did copy those laws right off of the state website - you can check yourself - here are the links:

Title XIX Chapter 227 section C12


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Re: Against the law to metal detect State parks in New England
June 11, 2009 05:43PM
I know that detecting is allowed on state beaches in Vermont. I had a ranger try to kick me off and I spoke with the person who was the head of all state parks and he told me that not only was detecting permitted on state beaches, but it was encouraged. grinning smiley He said that he appreciated the fact that most detectorists remove lots of junk from the beaches. I went back to the beach where the ranger tried to kick me off and he told me that his boss had informed him that the head dude told him not to interfere with detecting.

I haven't tried detecting in other state parks, but will post the information once I have a chance to research it. confused smiley
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After reading this entire thread
June 11, 2009 06:48PM
I would like to move this subject to one of the forums where it will stay as a 1st page topic.
Very informative.
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Re: After reading this entire thread
June 11, 2009 09:11PM
That's fine Bob, what ever works for you. Thanks smiling smiley
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